Things to Pay Attention to When Renovating an Old House

Renovating the old house is quite a tricky job. If the funds you have are spacious, maybe you don’t need to think long to fix this and that. The trouble is when your budget is limited, you need to consider what you want to repair and how much it will cost. If you are planning to renovate an old house, you should first consider a number of things, the following are things that must be considered when renovating your old house:

1. Setting up priorities

This is the most important thing you should pay attention to. Do not let the renovation process be hampered because you run out of funds due to buying things that are actually less important. When planning to renovate the kitchen, you are busy buying kitchen equipment. With a priority scale, you can sort out which ones are important to buy or repair, and which ones can be postponed. Your budget can be used effectively.

2. Utilizing used materials that are still feasible

From the results of dismantling the house during renovations, there are actually a number of used materials that are still suitable for use. There is no harm in recycling this kind of material to save budget. Among other things, door and window frames, trellises, tiles, to floor tiles. To make them look new, these items can be polished or modified.

3. Change some of the function of the room

Old houses often have a less effective division of space. Some rooms can be … Read More

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Types of Ornamental Plants For Minimalist Gardens at Home

Having a minimalist garden at home will certainly make the house more comfortable and cool. There are a variety of plants that you can grow either in pots or in the ground directly. The types of flowers and plants that are suitable for a minimalist garden are different from flowers for large gardens. By choosing plants according to the concept, it will create a beautiful garden. Minimalist plants must be considered in detail. If you are careless in choosing plants and placing them, then the garden will look messy. Choosing the type of ornamental plants for a minimalist garden must be considered well. So, a minimalist garden will look more perfect. The following are types of ornamental plants that are suitable for your minimalist home garden:

1. Ashoka Plant

Ashoka is known to have beautiful flowers. The color varies from yellow, orange, to red. This plant is suitable to be planted in groups so that it will display beautiful and dense flowers. You can choose this minimalist plant to be planted in a minimalist plant.

2. Hortensia Plants

Hortensia is often referred to by the name of five colored flowers. This flower does prefer wet and moist soil. This flower is very easy to arrange and is an everlastings type of plant. If the flowering season arrives, the flowers will appear beautiful and large. The color of the flowers is very beautiful and can last a long time.

3. Tuberose Flowers

Another type of ornamental plant for a minimalist garden … Read More

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Hydroponic Ornamental Plants That Must Be in Your Home

Caring for hydroponic ornamental plants at home can be one of the entertainments to unwind. Apart from being able to shift your focus for a moment, you can also feel happiness when you enjoy the beautiful leaves and flowers that decorate your home. Moreover, hydroponic plants can also be used as ornamental plants to improve air quality in the house. That is why, the number of people who love various types of hydroponic plants is not small. Home hydroponic ornamental plants have many advantages. Hydroponic growing media rarely invites soil animals or microorganisms that are harmful to health. Hydroponic ornamental plant fertilizers are also more hygienic and easy to obtain. The following are some of the most widely grown indoor hydroponic plants:


You can find this aglaonema plant in almost all the homes of your neighbors or relatives. Plants consisting of various types and leaf patterns will look very beautiful when placed in one corner of your house. Besides not requiring a lot of sunlight, aglaonema plants can also be planted with any planting media. Another advantage of this ornamental plant is its ability to absorb toxins or other air pollution scattered in the house.


Flowers that are suitable for hydroponics are perfect if you display them on your terrace. It’s no secret that orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers and are loved by most people. Each type of orchid has a different charm, color, and flower shape. You can also choose any planting medium that … Read More

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General Houseplant Care

Elements For Correct Bonsai Tree Soil

general houseplant care

The Way To Grow Snake Vegetation

Also there are many completely different sizes and development rates. Some ficus species grow into huge timber over time and others are creeping vines. Same goes for the Philodendron and Anthurium groups.

This is when your tree is gearing as much as grow and shifting energy storage from its roots to newly budding leaves. Look for roots coming by way of the drainage holes or crawling over the soil to determine when your tree is able to be repotted. Avoid repotting within the winter at all prices as your dormant tree is storing the bulk of its vitality in its roots. That’s one purpose they are often troublesome to develop indoors.

Signs of dehydration include gradual leaf development, brown and dried leaf edges, and and lower leaves changing into yellow and curled. Signs of over-hydration embody discolored leaves, lack of leaf growth, lack of leaves, and gentle rotten patches.

Some companies and florist will attach flowers to cacti or any plant to make it appear to be it is blooming. Lucky bamboo just isn’t a grass or a bamboo species, but a species of Dracena or associated plant. Some corporations also will paint or dye the flowers or leaves of a plant so as to make the client suppose it’s the plant natural colours. Dying flowers isn’t any huge deal but painting a plant blocks light the wants for to make meals. Get the name of the precise … Read More

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Residence Design 3d

about home design

Micah is a gorgeous bedding assortment with an elegant, stylish look. Used often in our design work, we love how straightforward this bedding can transform a main bedroom!

Modify Your Own Home Design To Fit Your Life-style

Cost estimator – Home design software program makes it straightforward in your dreams to outpace your realistic budget constraints. Look for software that includes a built-in price estimator that can maintain observe of the projected price tag of your construction or renovation. Space Designer 3D presents multiple plans, and you’ll choose the one that best suits your (or your group’s) wants. One of probably the most impressive features of SketchUp Pro is 3D Warehouse, a huge library of free 3D fashions. You can choose from a vast array of 3D objects, and use them in your house’s design. With its expansive feature set, advanced 3D modeling tools and online boards having every little thing from tutorials to discussions, SketchUp Pro is definitely one of the best home design software program out there.

Home Design

The architects designed a few of the exterior varieties for repetition inside. Even the furnishings like this eating table are conceived as art objects within the house. The sense of a gallery is bolstered by giant expanses of white on the ground flooring.

Residence Design Concepts

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Housing a second kids’s indoor pool inside, the outside of the highest flooring is textured horizontally in the concrete formwork to appear like natural stratified rock. A three story residence at Samosaguas on … Read More

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Tips About Caring For Hibiscus Plants

Pruning Ideas & Plant Care

plant care & growing guides

You’ll doubtless need to offer supplemental lighting for at least part of the yr. They only want about four hours of direct mild per day although so be careful to find the right balance between direct and oblique mild . If you’re using a light, try to provide no less than 200 watts or the equal to maintain the plant rising steadily. Basil is a vigorous grower requiring very little to no fertilization. In truth, an excessive amount of fertilization will kill the basil’s flavor. If you select to add fertilizer, a lightweight utility of a liquid fertilizer twice a season is all you really want for basil rising outdoors.

Planting Yucca

When unsure whether you must water your Hawaiian Ti plant, take a look at the soil along with your finger. If the top inch feels dry to the touch, it’s time to offer your plant a radical watering. Remember to cut down on watering during winter, when the Ti plant slows down on its growth. Your garden is now planted and beginning to grow… however you’re work is much from done. Now it’s time for the watering, staking, mulching and general general garden care to begin.

Then, add a thick, dry, natural mulch to maintain the soil moist and protect the plant in winter. Jade crops have a robust need for shiny, properly-lit environments to truly thrive. If they don’t get enough mild, they’ll get spindly with weak leaves and really slow progress. … Read More

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