10 Types of Ornamental Plants That Are Suitable in the Bathroom

Ornamental plants can indeed cool the room, including the bathroom area. The presence of ornamental plants is not only a decorative element, but is also useful for controlling humidity levels in the bathroom, you know.

Types of Ornamental Plants for the Bathroom Area

Then, about what plants are suitable for the bathroom, huh? Curious, right?

Come on, let’s look at the types of ornamental plants that you can use for the bathroom, as follows.

1. Bamboo Ornamental Plants

If you are looking for small ornamental plants, this is the answer. Usually, bamboo ornamental plants are small and neatly arranged. You can try placing it in the corner of the bath tub, sink, and also the tub.

Voila! The bathroom is even more beautiful.

2. Aloe Vera

This plant is also known as a perennial plant. This is what makes aloe vera very suitable to be placed in the bathroom area.

Not only suitable as decoration, aloe vera plants also have various benefits, ranging from filtering air pollutants to medicine.

In addition, you can also occasionally use the gel for skin and hair beauty treatments.

Relax, this plant does not require special care. However, make sure you place it near the bathroom window to keep it exposed to the sun, OK?

3. Betel Ivory

This one vine turns out to be very fond of humid temperatures. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves plus green and yellow gradations can make the bathroom look beautiful and fresh.

No need to worry, this plant does not require complicated care because it only requires a little light and sun, Ruppers.

For its own placement, you can hang it or place it in a high place in the bathroom area.

4. Begonias

Begonia flowers are always captivating anyone who sees it. The types of begonia plants are also quite diverse so you can adjust them to your favorite colors and models.

Guaranteed, the bathroom will look more beautiful and colorful.

5. Tongue-in-law

You must be familiar with this one ornamental plant. This mother-in-law’s tongue ornamental plant can thrive, both indoors and outdoors.

So, it doesn’t matter if you place it in a bathroom with a high humidity level. This plant also does not require extra care.

In addition, the mother-in-law’s tongue ornamental plant can also be a natural filter in eradicating toxins and unpleasant odors in the bathroom.

6. Peace Lily

One cannot deny the distinctive beauty of the bright white flowers and glossy leaves of the Peace Lily.

The character of this plant is very sensitive to sunlight so it is suitable to be placed in a bathroom area with minimal light.

Maintenance is also relatively easy because this plant can hold a lot of water in its roots. So, you don’t need to water frequently, which can actually make it wither quickly.

7. Orchid Flowers

Orchid plants are one of the mandatory plants in your bathroom plant collection. Having its own uniqueness, this plant can reproduce using wilted skin.

In addition, ornamental orchids also like humidity, so they are very safe when placed in the sink area and near the bath.

8. Monstera

Another beautiful ornamental plant is monstera. This plant has a very unique shape, that is, each leaf is shaped like a finger, with holes, hearts, and so on.

In addition, this plant also does not require intense sunlight. So, you don’t have to worry about the treatment anymore.

9. Spinder plant

As the name suggests, the spider plant or spider has a unique shape, similar to a cobweb.

In addition, this plant can also tolerate low light and enjoy rooms with excessive humidity.

Uniquely, this plant can last up to two weeks without drinking at all. Whoa, how? Are you interested in placing this one plant in the bathroom?

10. Philodendron heartleaf

This heart-shaped plant does not need a lot of light to survive. As long as the soil remains moist, this plant can still grow perfectly in a bathroom with low light intensity.

When this plant has long vines, then you can decorate it along window sills and shelves.