5 Recommended Medicinal Plants That You Can Grow at Home

In addition to ornamental plants, it turns out that you can also try to plant types of medicine or spices at home. Besides being useful, herbal plants can also be used as cooking ingredients.

The character of medicinal plants, which are usually relatively small, allows you to easily grow them at home, or in a narrow yard. Herbal plants only need small pots or polybags.

If you intend to grow herbs, here are some types of medicinal plants that you can grow at home, quoted from:

1. Turmeric

You must be familiar with this one plant. Often you find this tree in the yard of the house because how to plant it is not difficult.

Just provide a pot and soil, turmeric will grow fresh without taking up space. You can plant it in moist soil and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Besides being used as a cooking spice, it turns out that the efficacy of turmeric is also very beneficial for health, namely flatulence in dyspepsia, treating type two diabetes, dysentery, typhoid, and Alzheimer’s.

2. Gardenia leaves

Gardenias were very popular in the early 2000s. For those of you who used to be asked to pick these leaves, now is the time to know what the benefits of gardenia leaves are.

To plant it is not difficult. It only needs cuttings or grafts and once it grows, gardenia leaf trees will grow even without special care.

Gardenia leaves also do not take up space either. So those of you who have a not too big yard can plant this plant too.

For efficacy, gardenia leaves can help several diseases, such as chapped lips and canker sores that often occur to all of us.

3. Ginger

Its distinctive aroma makes ginger often used as a medicinal plant as well as a cooking ingredient. How to grow it at home is not difficult.

You only need to prepare a pot/container with a size of 30×35 cm and plant the ginger on the ground. To make it more fertile, you can mix compost and manure.

For the efficacy of ginger, people already believe in the effectiveness of traditional medicine from this one basic ingredient. For example, ginger can be used to treat digestive problems that we often face.

4. Aloe vera

This type of family medicinal plant has been known for a long time. This is because aloe vera contains antioxidants, sodium, calcium, glucose, magnesium, float, vitamins A, B, C, and E.

These ingredients can help cure several diseases such as skin inflammation, irritation, and acne. In addition, aloe vera is also very good for the scalp as a hair fertilizer.

Planting aloe vera is not difficult. Mix soil and fertilizer in pots and polybags. After that, enter this aloe vera medicinal plant. Lastly, water regularly.

5. Betel leaf

It feels incomplete if your house is not planted with betel leaves. This type of family medicinal plant is very useful, both for cooking spices, cosmetics, to health.

How to plant this tree is indeed a little difficult, but if you have succeeded in planting it, it will beautify the yard of the house with beautiful twists.

For health, the properties of betel leaf are useful for relieving pain, healing wounds, sore throats, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal discharge.