6 Types of Wood for the Most Used Furniture

Various types of wood on the market are indeed the best choice in making a minimalist home look charming. Wood for unique furniture will make the room feel warmer and present as a harmony between monotonous spaces. Actually, what types of wood are used for furniture?

extraordinary natural wealth presents a variety of natural resources that are very beneficial for the community. In addition to herbal medicines derived from plants, wood is also obtained from several trees that are available in the territory of Indonesia. To see the types of wood for the best furniture, below are presented the 6 woods that Pins can use. All have advantages and disadvantages of each. Immediately, let’s see!

The Best Types of Wood Widely Used For Furniture

Want to find the best quality home furniture? The following types of wood are often used as the main raw material!

Teak wood

Surely everyone agrees! Occupying the first place, teak wood is a type of wood for furniture whose quality does not need to be doubted. Even some people know that wood for furniture is only teak wood, although it turns out that there are many more types that they don’t know about.

Teak wood has several advantages, including, it will not fade in color even after a long time, will not change shape or experience swelling or loss, and is strong against various kinds of shocks. This is why wood with a fairly high price is always the target of conglomerates who want durable home furniture and of course it looks classy.


In addition to furniture, mahogany can also be used as a structural reinforcement for building materials. This type of wood for furniture, is often equated with teak, although the quality is still below the high-priced wood. It’s better if you use mahogany, please avoid placing it in an outdoor room. Why is it like that? Mahogany wood is prone to causing mold if it is in a humid place and tends to get wet.

But Pins, with its fine wood grain appearance, is much loved. This will make the furniture look more attractive. So, if Pins chooses this one wood material for furniture, it’s best to place it indoors! When placed and cared for properly, mahogany wood can last a long time.

Sonokeling Wood

The next type of processed wood for furniture is rosewood. This wood has a unique characteristic dark color and is easy to identify. This classic elegant house is perfect for using this type of wood as furniture. The quality is almost equivalent to the quality of teak wood, but the presence of rosewood is starting to worry. This one wood tends to be rare, therefore the selling price is quite high.

Often called black wood because of its characteristic color, rosewood is included in the type of hardwood which is quite sturdy and strong. No wonder its usefulness in the world of furniture does not need to be doubted. In addition, this wood is also termite-resistant because it contains natural sap which can repel termites.

Wood for Pine Furniture

When compared to other wood counterparts, pine wood has a very affordable price. This type of processed wood for furniture, has a color that tends to be lighter with a color similar to sungkai wood. This wood is more difficult to shape, because it is included in the hardwood category. It is very suitable for residential use as a bed frame to a seat and table in the dining room. If your residence is in a rustic style, sungkai wood can be a very harmonious companion.

In terms of maintenance, sungkai wood tends to be fussy. This is because this wood is easily scratched and leaves a mark. Therefore Pins must be careful in use. Sungkai wood in furniture is loved because it is easy to move and is a fairly light material.

Merbau Wood

Merbau wood comes from the merbau tree that grows a lot in Indonesia, especially outside Java. Similar to rosewood which is classified as hard wood, merbau wood can also be used as construction material. With interesting characteristics, merbau wood has a rough texture and a straight line pattern. In terms of color, this wood is more varied, some are reddish brown, brownish yellow and even black.

The type of processed wood for furniture made from merbau is able to survive in outdoor spaces. No wonder this one wood is suitable for use as furniture to decorate the terrace of the house, to the yard. No need to worry like mahogany which is prone to moisture, merbau wood is guaranteed to be termite-resistant even though it is outside.

Wood for Sungkai Type Furniture

Still in the category of hardwood types, sungkai wood can also be an option for furniture at home. This type of processed wood for furniture made from sungkai, has a characteristic light color. Pins can have light yellow and even cream colors with the use of this one wood. The Sungkai tree that Pins can find in the Kalimantan and Sulawesi regions, has straight and wavy fiber grooves. Not only as a furniture material, sungkai wood is also widely used as a roof frame and bridge.

If your home has a minimalist style, this wood is the best type of wood to choose from. Original colors that are in harmony with the minimalist theme, making it suitable to be paired with abstract decorations that tend to be plain. However, calm down Pins, to get furniture made from sungkai wood, you don’t need to dig into your pockets too deep. Pins can get it at an affordable price.