9 Benefits of Home Balcony that Many People Rarely Realize

Many people often add a balcony area to the house with a beautiful design for various purposes.

Starting from adding an area inside the house to making it look attractive from the outside.

Even so, some other people are often reluctant to add a home balcony because it is considered to reduce privacy space.

In addition, the construction of balconies will also require additional costs during the residential construction process.

In fact, adding a home balcony has many benefits.

At least, there are nine benefits of having a balcony in your home area, let’s see the explanation below:

1. Expanding the Room

The location of the balcony attached to the wall directly next to the room on the top floor will save land use.

That’s because the presence of a balcony takes advantage of the side of the wall of the house.

One of the uses of the balcony is usually added in the bedroom area on the second floor.

You can build a balcony on the side of the room, the front side of the room or connect directly to the bedroom on the top floor.

Adjust the balcony of the house to the location and plan of the bedroom.

2. Relaxing Place at Home

The balcony which is located on the second floor can be used as a place to relax for the homeowner.

In addition, you can also see the view outside the house so that it is more relaxed and comfortable when relaxing on the balcony.

3. Upper Floor Reinforcing House

A house with two or more floors will be clearly visible just by looking at the position of the balcony from outside the house.

That way, each floor of the house will look more assertive with a balcony.

4. Beautify the appearance of the facade of the house

The exterior or facade of every corner of the house is often one of the things that is considered in the construction of a house.

The addition of a balcony area on the second floor will give a more beautiful impression and beautify the outer walls of the house on the upper floor.

5. Adding Design Value

Every house certainly has a different design value, as well as houses that have balconies and those that don’t.

The presence of a balcony will add design value to your home, especially those that have a simple and modern minimalist concept.

In addition, the presence of a balcony will also describe the tastes of the owner of the house itself.

This can be seen from the car selection, decoration, to the style applied to the balcony of the house.

6. Reduce Weather Impact

The presence of a home balcony will also serve to reduce the impact of the weather.

For example, during the rainy season, a balcony with an overhanging design will leave space under it.

The space will be a place of shelter during the rainy season.

7. Adding Area in the House

The presence of a balcony can also be used to increase the area in the house.

If you want to present another area such as a reading room or relaxing room, then you can use the balcony area for that.

8. Shelters Look More Dynamic

Not only providing comfort in the house, the presence of a balcony will show a dynamic impression from outside the house.

9. Gives a ‘Alive’ Impression

The existence of a balcony with an attractive design and interior will make the residence look more ‘alive’.

It will also make your home look more attractive from the outside.

Those are the various benefits of presenting a balcony area in your home for those of you who are still unsure whether to build it or not.

Make sure you adjust the area of ​​​​the house, design, and location of the balcony before deciding to build it.