Advantages of Hydroponic Plant Cultivation

Hydroponic Plant Cultivation is a plant cultivation technique that uses water as a medium for growing plants, so it doesn’t really use soil. The Hydroponic System is a solution for all of you who want to grow crops but are hindered by narrow and infertile land. To meet the needs of plant fertilizers, fertilizers are given in liquid form. So that the nutrients needed by plants will be easily absorbed and distributed by plant roots. The following are a number of advantages of hydroponic plant cultivation that you will get:

Hydroponic Plant Cultivation

Optimal yields

Hydroponic cultivation of plants can actually provide optimal yields. This is because the nutrients needed by plants are directly available in the growing media. This provides a distinct advantage over conventional planting methods.

Save water consumption

Hydroponic cultivation tends to have a closed and neat system, so that water as a planting medium does not easily evaporate by sunlight (evaporation). Unlike the case with conventional agriculture, the water given to plants will evaporate more than the water used by plant roots.

30-50% faster growth rate

Hydroponic systems are able to increase plant growth 30-50% faster than conventional farming techniques. Influenced by the availability of nutrients, making it easier for plants to use them. On the other hand, a hydroponic system can provide the plant’s nutritional needs continuously. So plants can grow 30-50% faster.

No wasted nutrients

The hydroponic system is a closed and neat system, so no nutrient solution is wasted. Water in the hydroponic system can continue to be used, if the situation is too saturated, it can be re-filtered. So it will save more water and costs.

Reducing pesticide use

When a clean environment can suppress the growth and attack of pests and diseases, it will result in minimal use of pesticides. This will result in a vegetable product that is healthy, hygienic and free of pesticides

Easy and efficient work

Unlike the case with conventional farming which requires a lot of labor, hydroponic farming systems do not require a lot of work. Because the hydroponic farming system is more neat and structured, so that the work is more efficient.

Less pest and disease attack.

In hydroponic cultivation, the growing environment will be clean and maintained. This will reduce the growth rate and attack of pests and diseases on plants. With the minimum attack of pests and plant diseases, it will produce maximum and quality harvests.

No need for soil

One side of the advantage of hydroponic cultivation is that it does not require soil, so that whoever and wherever you are, you can still grow crops. This is the right solution, especially for those of you who live in densely populated urban areas. So that the unavailability of land that is large enough to grow crops, then a hydroponic plant cultivation system can be a way out.