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Don’t Neglect To Water Your Crops!

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Your Guide To Rising And Harvesting Lavender

Choose a nicely-lit spot — First, find a sunny and properly-drained location within the garden earlier than preparing the soil. Remove all weeds and rake the soil right into a nice crumbly texture. Pinch side shoots to maintain the plant’s vitality concentrated within the flowers.

plant care & growing guides

How Do I Keep My Ruby Leaves Pink?

A. They say an oz. of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and on this case it holds true. If you mist the leaves of your rubber tree plant to keep them somewhat moist, you’ll forestall most mites or thrips from settling in. Watch for a couple of weeks and you’ll have roots growing in the moss.

No elephant ear plant care information would be full with no spotlight on Alocasia polly. Thankfully, nevertheless, I was capable of trim the unhealthy leaf off, and the remaining two leaves appeared nice. I’d say it’s adapting just fine and can hopefully make it via the long, chilly, dry winter indoors. Alocasia varieties, of which there are about 70, are smaller than their Colocasia cousins, growing as much as 6 toes high and broad. Popular varieties embrace the Alocasia macrorrhizos , which gets very giant, and the Alocasia amazonica , which stays smaller. The many sorts of elephant ear crops take pleasure in partial shade to oblique, shiny sun. Some varieties even get pleasure from full solar, but they shouldn’t have full sun all day.

Ideal daytime temperature range is degrees F, with nighttime temperatures ten levels cooler. Dracaena produces saponins, which are toxic to dogs and cats.

Rubber timber do not require much light, however flourish in shiny, indirect light. Many individuals put their rubber timber close to a window where the sunshine is filtered through a pair of sheer curtains. If you’ve favorite crops which are wilting, take a look at our prime tips on the way to save a dying plant.