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It’s time to repot a Spathiphyllum plant when it turns into rootbound. To repot the houseplant, take away it from its present container. Untangle the roots and trim off any lifeless, brown-trying roots. Place the basis ball in a new pot and fill the container with the appropriate potting mix. After the Spathiphyllum has finished flowering, snip off the stems. So, when its flower fades, the stalk becomes brown and dies.

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The evergreen leafy plant has broad, glossy green leaves and brilliant white flowers that bloom frequently all year long. The most typical purpose for brown tips about Spathiphyllum is over-watering or under-watering. However, a lack of humidity or a buildup of fertilizer salts also can cause Spathiphyllum leaves to turn brown. Prune ugly brown leaves and regulate your watering schedule or improve humidity. If you need to encourage more progress, switch the Spathiphyllum to a bigger pot. If you’re going to limit its progress, snip off about one-third of the roots and repot in an analogous-sized pot.

Encourage a Spathiphyllum to bloom by giving it plenty of indirect gentle and water it appropriately. To assist Spathiphyllum produce flowers, move it to a brighter location if it’s not blooming. Making certain it will get brilliant mild can help get a non-blooming Spathiphyllum to flower repeatedly. The commonest purpose why Spathiphyllum doesn’t flower is an absence of shiny light. Spathiphyllum usually bloom in spring and desires bright, oblique sunlight to supply flowers. Although Spathiphyllum can survive in darkish rooms, it won’t flower in locations with poor lighting or fixed shade.

In this plant care guide, we’re going to have a look at how you can greatest take care of your Ficus Lyrata and the way to help it thrive. Ferns are beautiful plants with lots of textures, shapes, and sizes.

plant care & growing guides

General recommendation is to chop off any flower spikes to save plant’s vitality. American pitcher’s leaves can turn brown and die in the course of the winter months. This is completely normal and new pitchers should start rising with the new season. Remove any useless pitchers manually or by cutting them off.