Hydroponic Ornamental Plants That Must Be in Your Home

Caring for hydroponic ornamental plants at home can be one of the entertainments to unwind. Apart from being able to shift your focus for a moment, you can also feel happiness when you enjoy the beautiful leaves and flowers that decorate your home. Moreover, hydroponic plants can also be used as ornamental plants to improve air quality in the house. That is why, the number of people who love various types of hydroponic plants is not small. Home hydroponic ornamental plants have many advantages. Hydroponic growing media rarely invites soil animals or microorganisms that are harmful to health. Hydroponic ornamental plant fertilizers are also more hygienic and easy to obtain. The following are some of the most widely grown indoor hydroponic plants:


You can find this aglaonema plant in almost all the homes of your neighbors or relatives. Plants consisting of various types and leaf patterns will look very beautiful when placed in one corner of your house. Besides not requiring a lot of sunlight, aglaonema plants can also be planted with any planting media. Another advantage of this ornamental plant is its ability to absorb toxins or other air pollution scattered in the house.


Flowers that are suitable for hydroponics are perfect if you display them on your terrace. It’s no secret that orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers and are loved by most people. Each type of orchid has a different charm, color, and flower shape. You can also choose any planting medium that you think can add to the beauty of this plant, for example charcoal, coconut husk, fern wood, stone, to tiles.

Aloe vera

Hydroponic ornamental plants that you can get easily and for free are aloe vera. Most people tend to let this plant grow in their yard just like that, even though you can really make this aloe plant as an ornamental plant that is no less beautiful than a cactus when planted using husk charcoal, cocopeat, or hydrogel growing media. Caring for ornamental plants which basically do not require a lot of water is also quite easy. You only need to water it when the planting medium has started to look dry.

Betel Ivory

Betel ivory is one of the plants that can survive in any growing media. This one vine will look very beautiful if you hang it and propagate it anywhere. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can even put this plant in a glass of water and hang it in the corner of your house.

Lucky Bamboo

Other types of ornamental plants with water media are fortune bamboo or also known as lucky bamboo or hockey bamboo. This plant, which is quite popular in East Asian countries, is believed to bring good luck when placed in the house. Maintenance is also quite easy and inexpensive. You only need to place it in a ceramic pot or glass cup filled with clean water. However, make sure you don’t give it too much water to maintain the longevity of the fortune bamboo because this plant doesn’t really need a lot of water.


Another suitable flower plant for hydroponics is sunflower. Flowers that are commonly found in this large area can also grow with rice husk charcoal or sand as a substitute for soil. This flower requires full sun so it cannot be placed indoors. This plant is perfect for beautifying your terrace or balcony.