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Repotting Spathiphyllum (peace Lily) Plants

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Why Is My Plant Staying Bushy However Not Growing Tall?

I throw a handful of Epsom salts into my elephant ear pots roughly monthly when watering. They can usually grow in solar or shade and revel in moist soil. Don’t let these dangerous boys dry out between waterings, they received’t forgive you want snake plants will.

Indoor Plant Growing Systems

If you’ve your elephant ear crops indoors, they may do well with shiny indirect sun. A diluted run-of-the-mill fertilizer month-to-month throughout growing season gained’t damage.

plant care & growing guides

To decide how a lot water you need to give your rose plant, verify the soil together with your finger — it should at all times have a moist consistency. Basil likes to stay moist and requires approximately 1 inch of water every week. Water deeply no less than as soon as per week to maintain roots rising deep and the soil moist. Basil rising in containers will want extra frequent watering. Your objective when rising basil in a container is to maintain the soil from drying out. The greatest time of day to water basil is early within the morning. Amend the backyard soil with loads of organic matter to create a wealthy, well-draining basis for your basil.

In areas with soggy soil or heavy clay, take time to amend your soil at planting time with manure or compost. This is essential because it helps enhance water penetration and drainage, loosens compacted soil and encourages good root development. The … Read More

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