The Most Interested Types of Pool Plants

A good private swimming pool should serve as a safe swimming facility. The existing facilities should be able to support the required needs. From the start of the initial process of building it to the polishing of its after appearance, it cannot escape your attention in the slightest. Well, speaking of appearance, you can add swimming pool ornamental plants as an option to support the aesthetic appearance.

Talking about the elements of ornamental plants definitely requires a certain review because there are so many kinds. You can choose between several options, whether to choose a type of plant, grass or flowers. Given the different themes and dimensions of swimming pools, be sure to choose ornamental plants that match your swimming pool.

Choosing the type of ornamental plants that are suitable for your swimming pool needs to go through careful consideration. The goal is that the appearance of your swimming pool does not look strange due to a mismatch between the main concept and the additional elements. In the following, I will peel one by one the types of plants and some examples that are commonly use to decorate swimming pools.

1. Tree Type Plants

For those of you who have a large swimming pool and want a natural feel to be there, you can add ornamental plants to this type of plant. There are many types of ornamental plants that you can choose from, from those that grow short to those that can grow big.

On the other hand, while sorting, what must be remember is about the effects of the development of these plants. For example, will the leaves grow very thick and fall off easily or not. Whether the roots will develop widely so that they have the potential to interfere with the construction of the pool chamber or not, and so on.

If this has the potential to occur, then it is advisable to choose another type of plant, even if this plant is your favorite type of plant. In essence, the advice for choosing a good ornamental plant is to consider the strength of the base and the leaves.

The following are examples of some of the well-known types of ornamental plants for swimming pools:

  • Triangular Palm

As a type of ornamental plant, the triangular palm is very suitable to be in your yard or swimming pool area.

The tree that can reach up to a meter is suitable for you for pondside decoration. The leaves are long and sturdy and won’t bother you during the dry season or when the leaves fall.

  • Fern

The green color of the leaves really supports the natural atmosphere in your swimming pool area. The beautiful fern flower will make your swimming pool beautiful.

  • Japanese Bamboo

As the name suggests, Japanese bamboo is an ornamental plant originating from Japan.

If you plant it, the cool nuances typical of the cherry country will spread widely and will beautify the appearance of your swimming pool yard.

2. Grass and Shrubs

In addition to the form of plants, other types of ornamental plants can also be in the form of grass and shrubs. Choose grass that is resistant to trampling and easy to regenerate. There are several types of grass that are commonly used as decorative elements near swimming pools, including:

  • Japanese grass

This type of grass is included in the pool ornamental plants. This grass seems to have been heard quite often. Planting Japanese grass for various outdoor decoration needs has also been widely used. For example as an ornamental plant in the yard / home garden, for facades and others.

It is only natural that Japanese grass function is as an element of ornamental swimming pool plants. It is certain that your swimming pool will be like being surrounded by a green and beautiful savanna.

  • Mini elephant grass

I believe you are also familiar with this ornamental grass. Its application, which has been quite massive among the public, is quite well known. You can make it a decoration around your swimming pool.

In addition to grass, you can also plant bush-type plants as decoration. Shrubs are somewhat more minimalist than plants so it is suitable if you make them an alternative choice.

3. Flowers

Talking about ornamental plants, it seems less afdhol if you do not include flower plants on the list. Flower plants themselves are one of the most favorite types of ornamental plants. Not only because the flowers when in bloom look beautiful, also because the flower stems are relatively not very large, so they will definitely save more space.

What you have to remember when selecting flowering plants as decorative elements for your swimming pool is the recommended planting method for planting in pots. The goal is to make it nicer and easier to maintain. Plus, it will make it easier for you whenever you want to move it.

Some examples of the types of flowers that are often used as ornamental plants for swimming pools

  • Orchid
  • Remember
  • Daisies
  • Elephant ears
  • Daffodils
  • Sun
  • Trumpets


Choose decorative flowers that match the theme of your swimming pool. Continue to fit the theme so it will continue to be good.

One thing that you must pay attention to in placing ornamental plants is so that they don’t disturb the natural lighting of the sun. Place houseplants in a place where they don’t have the potential to limit sunlight while they develop.