These 5 Cool House Paint Colors Can Make the Atmosphere More Lively!

House paint color is one of the important considerations in designing a house. The paint color of the interior of the house really must be considered so that the concept of the house can be realized neatly. Moreover, the design and concept of the house that you have will reflect your character as the owner of the house.

House paint colors can create a more lively impression in a room. In addition, house paint colors can also make the room look more assertive. For example, dark colors will make the room seem narrower, while light colors will make the room feel wider. Besides having an effect on the room, the color of the house paint also has a big effect on the mood of the occupants, you know. Well, here Kania has five house paint colors that can make the atmosphere more lively!

Blue house paint color

The color blue is synonymous with things that smell natural. For example the sea, beach, sky, and gardens. Blue house paint colors will make your home more fresh because it can display a cool and peaceful impression.

This house paint color is very suitable to be applied in bedrooms and living rooms. By choosing this house paint color, you will also get a feeling of peace, comfort, and more life. The coolness and freshness of the blue house paint color that you feel will have a big influence on the mood.

Light Blue House Paint Color

You can combine this house paint color on the walls with soft pastel yellow trim to make it look warm, complete with cayenne red furniture and doors. Houses with a modern minimalist theme can use navy blue combined with red, pastel yellow, and turquoise with white trim accents.

Meanwhile, the combination of salted egg blue wall paint with white trim accents for the interior of the house gives a soft and calming impression. To get a classy and elegant impression, you can use a navy blue color combined with golden brown furniture on the accent table or dining chair.

Yellow House Paint Color

For some people, this house paint color tends to be avoided because it looks dazzling and less attractive. However, it’s a good idea to try decorating your room with a pale yellow house paint color and mix it with a touch of green.

If the paint color of the house is exposed to light, the room seems to be enlarged and bright. If the walls are painted a pale yellow color, there is no harm in complementing them with decorations and furniture of other colors that are still matching, such as a dark brown guest table or various green plants, such as monstera plants.

Yellow House Paint Color

The color yellow has a cheerful and bright character. This house paint color is believed to increase the spirit to think clearly so that this house paint color is very suitable to be applied in the work and dining room.

You can also combine a cheerful and elegant yellow house paint color with red hearts to dark brown. For example through the choice of the dining table. Don’t forget, also choose furniture that is multifunctional and space-saving so that the room in your house doesn’t feel cramped, especially for a small house.

Green house paint color

The green color is very synonymous with trees or leaves. This color is able to highlight a fresh and harmonious impression so that this house paint color is very appropriate to be applied to spaces that are gathering places such as dining rooms and family rooms. In fact, it is also suitable for children’s bedrooms.

You can also choose a pastel green house paint color, because it is said to be a calming color and feels homey. The paint color of the house makes the atmosphere in the house more lively and gives enthusiasm to the residents. Combine green wall paint with light colored wall decorations such as light brown, light orange, or beige.

Green House Paint Color

Green house paint colors that are synonymous with a calm impression can appear bolder when produced from a strong pattern. This color can also be applied in a room that you think feels cramped. The lemon green house paint color is a bright color that will calm the heart. By seeing bright house paint colors like this, you can be more creative, either by adding photo frames to the walls or vases with colorful flowers.

Red House Paint Color

Bold and warm, that’s the impression that symbolizes the color red. In addition to looking firm, the use of red house paint colors in a room can give a warm impression and make the atmosphere more lively. This house paint color is very suitable to be applied to the living room and kitchen.

white work desk

This color exudes an aura full of energy. When using this house paint color, you should put some white furniture such as a work desk near this house paint color to make it look contrast.

Red House Paint Color with Dark Blue Blend

You can also choose to use a maroon color. Applying the same color as the color of house paint on furniture is also not wrong, you know. For example, choosing a red sofa for the living room.

The nuance that will appear when you use the combination of these colors is a more modern and colorful impression. This house paint color can also be a subtle element when combined with other colors in the decor, such as adding a carpet to the floor.

Red and white house paint colors in the living room area

For some people, red is considered a color that is too bright and bold. That’s why quite a lot of people avoid using this house paint color. There is one rule that you need to pay attention to if you use red as a house paint color, which is to avoid using it as the dominant color because red can invite stress and the house can feel hotter.

Orange house paint color

If you don’t like red house paint, you can choose orange as an alternative color. In addition to showing the impression of intimacy and joy, the orange house paint color can also evoke a sense of enthusiasm and optimism for the occupants of the room.

This house paint color is suitable to be applied in the living room and dining room. You can combine two colors or three types of colors. For example, take advantage of the colors orange, white, and gray plus the right blend of lights.

Bright Orange House Paint Color

These three house paint colors will be able to present an elegant and minimalist impression so that they can present a more modern and not boring home appearance. In fact, thanks to the combination of beautiful house paint colors, you can also make it an investment if one day the house is sold, you know!

The orange color which belongs to the type of house paint color that will give a cheerful impression to the house, complete your living room with a sofa bed along with cute decorative pillows to add to the lively impression.