Types of Ornamental Plants For Minimalist Gardens at Home

Having a minimalist garden at home will certainly make the house more comfortable and cool. There are a variety of plants that you can grow either in pots or in the ground directly. The types of flowers and plants that are suitable for a minimalist garden are different from flowers for large gardens. By choosing plants according to the concept, it will create a beautiful garden. Minimalist plants must be considered in detail. If you are careless in choosing plants and placing them, then the garden will look messy. Choosing the type of ornamental plants for a minimalist garden must be considered well. So, a minimalist garden will look more perfect. The following are types of ornamental plants that are suitable for your minimalist home garden:

1. Ashoka Plant

Ashoka is known to have beautiful flowers. The color varies from yellow, orange, to red. This plant is suitable to be planted in groups so that it will display beautiful and dense flowers. You can choose this minimalist plant to be planted in a minimalist plant.

2. Hortensia Plants

Hortensia is often referred to by the name of five colored flowers. This flower does prefer wet and moist soil. This flower is very easy to arrange and is an everlastings type of plant. If the flowering season arrives, the flowers will appear beautiful and large. The color of the flowers is very beautiful and can last a long time.

3. Tuberose Flowers

Another type of ornamental plant for a minimalist garden is tuberose flowers. Caring for tuberose flower seeds is quite easy to do. Tuberose flowers live using tuber roots and the method of growth is by rhizome. So, caring for tuberose flower seedlings at night is just a myth. You can grow it easily if you have a strong will.

4. Cambodia Japan

Cambodia Japan is a type of ornamental plant for your minimalist garden at home. The beautiful flowers can make your mini garden look more beautiful. Japanese frangipani plants are not as large as frangipani trees in general. In addition to the flowers that have a beautiful shape, a fragrant aroma also comes out of this flower.

5. Sanseivera

Sanseivera is known as the mother-in-law’s tongue plant. This plant was booming and popular among the public. Mother-in-law’s tongue plant is also known as the snake plant. The shape resembles a sword and the color does resemble a snake. This can decorate your minimalist garden to make it look more beautiful.

6. Lavender Plant

Variations of lavender plants have been living in Indonesia for a long time. The plant with the Latin name Lavandula Angustifolia Hidcote is included as a bush plant. This plant can live in tropical climates. Indonesia, which incidentally has a rich expanse of sunlight, makes this plant able to thrive. This plant has beautiful purple flowers. If the flowers are in bloom, this will make the garden look beautiful. Lavender has a fragrant aroma. You can linger at home to sit and relax in the garden.