Very Powerful! Here are 7 Ways to Get Rid of Millipedes at Home!

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Annoying Millipedes

Millipedes are quite annoying pests for some people because they often enter the house. Although millipedes are not dangerous animals and are often found in outdoor areas, these garden pests often enter the house in search of food, which frightens many people.

In order not to be bothered by millipedes anymore, of course you have to eradicate or eliminate them. So, to help you, We will share various effective ways to get rid of millipedes that you can do at home. What are they?


Get Rid of Millipedes with Insecticides

The first way you can do to get rid of millipedes is to use a special pest insecticide or ant lime. You can use ant chalk in strategic areas to discourage millipedes from passing through or spread it in areas where millipedes enter and leave, such as the hole leading to a house.

Use Furadan to Get Rid of Millipedes

You can also use other types of insecticides to get rid. For example, furadan which is a systemic insecticide in the form of small purple granules to get rid of other pests. In use, you simply sprinkle furadan in the millipede’s hiding area, such as around plants. However, make sure to use this insecticide in small quantities because it can damage the plants.

Use Carbol to Get Rid of Millipedes

Another method you can use to get rid of millipedes is to use carbolic acid. Please pour carbolic liquid floor cleaner in the millipede hiding area to eradicate it. Apart from that, you can also pour carbolic acid all around your house so that other pests can’t enter your house!

Take advantage of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is also quite effective for eradicating. Even though its function is not like an insecticide that can kill, the use of essential oils can prevent various pests from entering the house, including. In its use, you can simply spray essential oil at the entrance of the millipede.

Make sure the house is free from damp

The humid conditions of the house are the reason why millipedes really like being indoors. Therefore, you must ensure that the condition of the house is free from dampness by increasing access to sunlight. Make sure that natural light can penetrate into the house so that don’t nest.

Notice the Path between the Garden and the House

For those of you who have a garden or home garden, you should also pay attention to the conditions on the border of the area. Make sure to check the boundary between the garden and the house so that it doesn’t get damp as this is a possible entry point.

Clean the Garden Area Routinely

If the garden area is filled with dead leaves, you also have to clean it because that area will become a nesting site for millipedes. Apart from that, you also have to make the garden area not too damp and still get access to sunlight by trimming trees that are too dense.

In general, you have to make your home environment clean and not damp so that millipedes or other pests don’t visit it.